About Us

Mmunye Foundation is a charity based organization based in Germany, operating in Uganda. It is administered by a cooperation between Fr .Julius Ssebulo and Kawa Quartet. The Foundation started from a realization of a dream when Fr. Julius Ssebulo together with four young gentlemen decided that through inspirational music, they mobilize funds to support and inspire the disadvantaged people in and around Uganda. Over the years, the foundation has focused on educating and supporting the orphaned, refugees, street and disadvantaged communities in Uganda.

Fr. Julius Ssebulo is based in Germany and is the manager and mentor of the Quartet. He foresees and coordinates the activities of the organization. He also helps in soliciting support from all our partners and further helps in the implementation of the foundation goals.


To provide the best and most talented music, dance and theater performances in the next generation for the purpose of helping the disadvantaged.


To create a society in which orphans and disadvantaged people are developed into descent citizens, responsible people and future leaders through care and education.

Aims & Objectives

To promote the education of the people of Uganda especially the children and youth.

  • To work towards creating awareness, sensitization and informing the general public about the protection of the rights of the children as entailed in the Children Statute.
  • Initiating income generating projects i.e. starting small scale and self help projects in different areas to meet the needs of youth/children.
  • Construction of a well established education center which includes; libraries, conference halls among others.
  • Sensitizing youth groups through seminars focusing on developing the community in terms of social, economic and religious aspects.
  • To avail safe water for children.
  • To create exchange programs both within the country and internationally for purposes of cultural learning integration.
  • To establish links with and/or affiliate to national and international organizations having similar objectives and to be the hub of research and information centre.
  • To solicit for funds through any lawful means and thereby administer the same in the best interest of the organization and to carry out any other relevant duties which are not contrary with the set objectives.
  • Create projects that will promote, educate, advance the cultures of all communities centered around the visual arts most especially through music, dance and drama;
  • Develop projects that will complement the existing educational and cultural institutions and which will have multiplying effect and will reach all levels of the target population.
  • To perform such other duties and engage in such other businesses as an organization may lawfully undertake.
  • Find and pay school fees for motivated AIDS orphans, child soldiers, sex slaves, children living in refugee camps, child laborers and other vulnerable children in Uganda who want to go to college but cannot because of poverty, AIDS and war.
  • Find good schools for disadvantaged children and provide them with everything they need to succeed such as books, school supplies, medical care, food, clothes and emotional support.
  • Teach disadvantaged children vocational skills such as carpentry and joinery, catering, audio and video music production, computer literacy etc.
  • Offer spiritual guidance to the disadvantaged children, youth and elderly by bringing them up in a family setting to impart in them a strong work ethic and a desire to serve.

Kawa Quartet


Is a singing group made up of four young men endowed with singing talent, happiness, humor and dynamism, most of its performances are done with no accompaniment except for the voices. The group was formed in 2010 when they realized that they shared almost a similar background, identity and singing talent and decided to use this to help the disadvantaged. Their voices and dances enthrall the audience with a lot of expressivity, performing both sacred and secular music in various categories and languages that include; Negro Spirituals, Luganda, Swahili , Lingala, Zulu, Acholi, and many others.

For concerts refer to the Kawa Quartet Website; [ www.kawa-quartett.de ]

Our Gallery

MMUNYE Child Care

Mmunye Child Care’s focus is to provide education, shelter and basic needs for the underprivileged children in the society. Priority is given to the orphaned children, street children, poorly back grounded children whom education is a dream.

It aims at providing a secure home care and education to these children who are abandoned, neglected and disadvantaged because many of these children have been abused and need a secure safe home away from such abusive situations that will enable them to develop into productive members of society.

Contact Us

Mmunye Foundation was legally incorporated by the Government of Uganda as an independent entity with a Certificate number 182216.

P.O BOX 35237 Kampala,Uganda

(+256)-700-617-542 , (+256)-703-306-372 , (+256)-702-509265 and (+256)-704-818056

mmunye256@gmail.com and kawa.quartet@gmail.com